What is Crown Darts?

Crown Darts is a modern twist on lawn darts, the traditional family favorite garden game. Crown Darts is played in the same way as traditional lawn darts, with one key difference – the addition of a ‘marker’ dart, which is thrown at the start of the game.

In classic lawn darts, players throw darts into target rings placed on the ground. In Crown Darts, a players skill and accuracy is tested to the maximum by aiming instead at the ‘marker’ dart, similar to the game of boules.

The first player throws the ‘marker’ dart to their preferred distance and it is the player who gets their own dart closest to the ‘marker’ that wins the round.

We stock 2, 4 and 5 player crown darts sets in our shop which come with everything you need to start playing straight out of the box.

All of our crown darts sets comes complete with target rings, so you can switch back to the classic lawn darts version at any time.