Crown Darts

Safety Notice to customers in the United States and Canada

Crown Darts has become aware that product safety
authorities in the United States(CPSC) and
Canada(Health Canada) ban lawn darts from sale in
those countries and are applying this ban to the products
we sold to Canadian and US customers disassembled or
as replacement parts. This product is legal for sale in the

We advise American and Canadian purchasers of our
product to stop using this product and dispose of it. It can
be disassembled or it can be destroyed with a hacksaw or
similar device. Please do not sell this product or give it to
anyone else.

Crown Darts regrets this situation. Crown Darts has
ceased business as of 15th July 2020. We will not be in a
position to receive emails or provide any further
information but wanted to pass along this information for
and on behalf of the United States and Canadian safety

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