Coronavirus Update – WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS

What will you do to pass away the hours in isolation, with Summer on its way?

It seems that playing lawn darts in these uncertain times is proving to be not only fun, but a therapy for the mind. Fresh air. The Great Outdoors . These combinations really do lower anxiety

There has never been a better time to buy Crown Darts real lawn darts! The current exchange rate for the strong US Dollar against the weak Great Britain Pound has never been so high, favouring the American Purchaser and giving more value for your money.

We want to reassure our customers that we’re still here. We’re still accepting orders, making them up, and sending orders out. Furthermore, there are only two of us processing and handling orders. We are taking care to keep a sterile environment within our packaging and make up areas.

Lawn Darts - Crown Darts UK

What About Shipping?

Our shipping partners continue to provide their reliable services for overseas shipping, although our Standard Royal Mail service is showing deliveries taking around 5 days more than normal. We have limited our dispatches of Standard service parcels to two times per week from the normal six times, to assist social distancing. We recommend USA customers to use our expedited service, with tracking to obtain faster deliveries, as these are collected from us as normal, on a daily basis. Canadian customers can no longer use the expedited services offered and should only choose Standard 17-21 days.

Very Best Wishes,
Corinne and Jesse
Crown Darts UK Ltd