Lawn Darts: How to Play (and Win!)

Lawn Darts (and our new Crown Darts version of the game) is a fun outdoor pursuit for all adults, no matter your level of skill, ability or physical fitness. And best of all, there’s never a bad time to throw down a challenge.

All our Lawn Dart or Crown Dart sets include a set of rules to play both versions of the game. If you’ve misplaced your copy of the rules, or are on the lookout for some pro-tips, read on.

Safety First

Here at Crown Darts we have put every effort into designing our products with safety in mind. For more information on how we’ve made the game safer, check out our article here. There a number of very important safety precautions that you must adhere to when playing the game of lawn darts:

  • Lawn Darts are not toys – Always keep them out of the reach of children.
  • Choose a suitable area to play – find an unoccupied space and take steps to ensure that no-one can accidentally approach the course.
  • Always look around you before lobbing the dart – check that no-one is going to walk, run, or cycle into the flight path. Be sure to check for straying animals or wildlife.
  • Never alter any feature of the darts, such as sharpening the spigots or adding extra weight.

Note: Crown Darts Limited disclaim any liability for any personal injury sustained as a result of using our products. The liability rests with the user and all players must follow this advice.

How to Play (Lawn Darts Game, I.e. with target rings)

  1. Place one large ring at the starting point and place the two target rings, one inside the other, around 12 metres (40 foot) away on grass or sand.
  1. The first player should stand with one foot inside the starting point ring and lob their first dart underarm towards the target rings, aiming to land the dart within them. Repeat with the second dart of the same color.
  1. The opponent or opposing team member then repeats the action with their own different colored darts.
  1. SCORING – A player scores 3 points for each dart that lands in the inner target ring, 2 points for each dart in the outer target ring, and 1 point for the next closest dart to the outer target ring in each round. The object of the game is to be the first person (or team) to score 21 points.

How to Play (Crown Darts Game, I.e. with a marker dart instead of target rings)

  1. The game begins with a coin toss, the winner of which should throw out the white (or cream colored) ‘Marker’ dart to their preferred distance.
  1. The same player should then lay down his ‘Mat’. This is the ‘delivery circle’ from which all players must throw their darts by keeping one foot on the mat.
  1. Each competitor, beginning with the player who cast the marker dart, takes it in turn to throw a dart underhand, aiming to land as close to the marker dart as possible.
  1. Once all of the darts have been thrown, that leg is complete and it’s time to take score. One point is awarded for each dart belonging to a player or team, that is nearer the marker than any other opponent’s dart at the end of the leg.
  1. The winner of the previous leg begins the next leg by throwing out the ‘marker’ dart, and the first of their own darts. Most games go to 21 points, but they may go to 11, 13, 15 or 18. As a rule, a match must consist of three legs.

How to Win

Both Lawn darts and the new Crown Darts variation are games of skills, accuracy and finesse. With practice, it is possible to become a very skilled player. Here are our top tips:

  • The distance between the starting ring and the target rings can be altered to suit the ability and even ages of the players, although a typical lawn darts pitch is distanced 8-12 metres from target to starting point.
  • Consider ‘levelling the playing field’ – The game of lawn darts can quickly become tiresome if there is a huge difference in ability or skill level. You may want to consider applying a handicap system, such as giving your opponent a few points head start, or have their points count double.
  • The darts are aerodynamically shaped with a twist in the flights which causes the dart to spin, achieve stability over a distance and land upright in the ground. These flight characteristics enable the player, with practice, to achieve great accuracy.
  • The tips of the darts are not sharp, but they will stick into grass of a well-tended lawn. However, in very dry weather, it may be necessary to water the area to enable the darts to penetrate the ground.
  • There are two fundamental techniques which a player needs to master. Firstly, The Line. This comes from an accurate under arm swing, in line with the target. The second technique is to get ‘a feel’ for the distance. This skill can be achieved only with practice.
  • Getting used to the weight of the dart, and throwing with a controlled and coordinated strength comes with lots of practice. There is no other way, which makes lawn darts such an enjoyable and addictive game.

Happy Throwing!

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