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Orders to the USA

The purchase of lawn darts was banned in the USA back in the late 1980’s, due to the actions of some irresponsible players. However, lawn darts has remained a popular game amongst adults, and the game has seen a resurgence of popularity in recent years.

It remains legal to possess lawn darts in the USA and Canada, provided they are not received fully assembled.

This means you can legally buy our products, and we can deliver to the USA and Canada. In fact, many of our customers are based in the USA and Canada.

In order to pass through customs, your order will be shipped as component parts, ready to assemble when they arrive. You will receive everything you need to quickly and easily assemble a full lawn darts set – flights, tips and brass bodies – all in one secure package. Don’t worry, assembling the crown darts could not be easier – it takes only 5 minutes!

We can proudly say we have never had an order held at customs. We guarantee that, provided you have given us the correct address, we will refund you in full if your order if it is rejected by customs.