4-8 Player Kubb Game

//4-8 Player Kubb Game

4-8 Player Kubb Game

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Are you ready for ‘Viking Chess?’ This ancient Swedish game is the perfect accompaniment to any garden party or Summer BBQ.



Product Description:

Kubbspel (Or Kubb for short) is a classic lawn game with it’s roots dating back to the Viking age. This classic game is for between four to eight players, and is a fun alternative to lawn darts which involves throwing wooden ‘Kubbs’ at the target ‘King Kubb’.

This set is made from beautiful Indian Rosewood sourced from sustainable forests. The game offers a unique and sophisticated twist to your outdoor fun.


  • 1 King Kubb
  • 4 Marker Poles
  • 10 Kubbs
  • 6 Throwing Batons
  • Jute Presentation Bag
  • Game Rules


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